Building & Environmental Case Studies


External works to Children’s Centre – Site clearance, trial holes and site investigation, foul sewer diversion, drainage works, reinforced concrete foundations, concrete floor slab, stone pier and columns, bridge link, flag paths and resurface playground .


Holmsley Community Greenspace . Excavation, kerbing, tegula edging, resin bound surfacing, tarmac footpath, fencing, solar lights, topsoil, turfing, planting and landscaping.


Rose Lund Play Area.  Site clearance, edgings, new play equipment, safety surfacing, resin bonded surfacing, steel bridge access, planting  and fencing.


Barnsley Road Community Area.  Traffic island, kerbs, paving, stone walling, tarmac and resin bound surfacing, street furniture, fencing, planting, turfing and erection of sculptures.